Hetav Desai

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Hetav Desai

Hello there, welcome to this little corner of mine on this vast internet!

I'm currently working as a Software Engineer at Sundial , the product analytics platform that helps teams understand the story of their product's data.

Previously, I was a Software Engineer at Unacademy where my team and I worked on building, optimising and scaling the live classroom streaming experience on the Unacademy platform, to enable seamless realtime experience for the learners and educators.

With a little more interest and strength on the frontend side of the things, I work with JavaScript/TypeScript, React, Redux, React Native and WebRTC; and I'm currently learning mobile development. I also have some experience with backend technologies like NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, GraphQL, and SQL.

I got into web development around mid 2020 and learnt most of it at neoG Camp, a Cohort Based Course (CBC) run by Tanay Pratap. There, I was assigned the role of Team Captain and Teaching Assistant where I led a team of 18 students and was responsible for making sure of the progress of the whole team through regular stand-ups, discussion and doubts session with my team. Now that the current batch is done with the course, I guide the next batch aspirants and help them with their doubts and help the neoG Camp team with the operations, in my free time.

Prior to web development, I was exploring different areas like mobile development with Flutter, Data Science and Machine Learning. During that time, I built and shipped myLCJ, a mobile app for Leo Club of Juhu – an NGO I was associated with, where I also held the position of Jt. Secretary.

Outside of the programming world, my hobbies include listening to music, playing piano keyboard, reading about personal finance, startups, and psychology and consuming podcasts, videos and other forms of content that help me broaden my perspective on various topics. I'm always looking for such resources and good suggestions are always welcome!